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ParentWays™ for Middle Childhood is a 10-session, self-paced program that addresses topics critical to your child's social skills development. Through a series of online videos, you'll learn practical, effective methods for helping your child build positive social relationships. In addition, you'll get resources and activities that you can use with your child right away and on an ongoing basis. Buy_Now_Button
Each session lasts about an hour.  While the program is self-paced, we recommend one session per week to allow time for you and your child to practice the concepts presented in each session. A lifetime subscription to ParentWays is available for a one-time fee of $39.95.


Session 1: Introduction

This session orients you to the goals of the program and provides an overview of the skills and concepts covered, along with techniques you can use to teach these skills and concepts to your child.

Session 2: Self-esteem & Respect

This session focuses on the foundation for building social relationships, self-esteem, and respect.



Session 3: Consequences & Goals

This session emphasizes key concepts for helping children make good decisions, achieve their goals, and understand positive and negative consequences. 

Session 4: Responsibility & Controlling Impulses

This session focuses on responsibility and introduces the first behavioral skill, "Stop & Think," to help children control their impulses.



Session 5: Communicating & Listening

This session highlights communication and listening which are the building blocks of social relationships.

Session 6: Assumptions & Check-It-Out

This session focuses first on the effect of assumptions on children's behavior and feelings, and, second, on the behavioral skill of "Check-It-Out," which provides children with a tool to find out whether their assumptions are true before acting on them.



Session 7: Friendship Skills

This session emphasizes the positive characteristics of friendships and helping children initiate play or conversation.

Session 8: Cooperation & Compromise

This session covers the maintenance of friendships and the two essential skills to sustain friendships, cooperation and compromise.



Session 9: Self-awareness

This session focuses on emotions and developing an understanding of how emotions influence behavior.

Session 10: Review

This session reviews all of the material from the previous sessions. You will work on translating what you have learned into an action plan for working with your child.