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ParentWays is an online, self-guided program for parents who want to help their children learn and practice positive social skills.

Based on the Social Skills Group Intervention (S.S.GRIN) suite of scientifically validated and highly engaging programs.

Video-based program

In your ParentWays journey, you'll follow along as instructors lead a group through 10 in-person sessions. Throughout the program, you'll view presentations of key concepts as well as role plays, activities, and rich discussion among the participants.


ParentWays can be used in conjunction with traditional S.S.GRIN groups or as a stand-alone program. The program is designed for parents of children ages 5-12.

Video and print resources

Each session of the program has a set of materials that you can download and print. These practical resources include hands-on activities, tips, reading lists, and posters you can use to practice the skills you're learning with your family.